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Sonja Wittig

Nice to meet you - my name is Sonja.

! believe that everyone has an essence and deep core that makes us who we are.  Sometimes life can be difficult and we feel lost, confused, angry, upset, scared. Many feelings and behaviours can arise as coping mechanisms.  Finding your way with self-care and self-compassion is not always easy, especially if you feel nobody is listening. We all need someone to listen in these difficult times. Can I be one of them?  I can walk along with you and help to shine the light in areas that you would like to explore.  Together we can, maybe, find a way to move forward, by building together a therapeutic relationship and creating a space where you can feel safe and explore your feelings and behaviours.  I don't have a magic solution, but I do believe in the power of kindness, compassion and confidentiality. I have your best interest at heart. Who am I?  Just a human who has passion for people.  Over the years I have collected personal/holistic and professional awareness and training enabling me to work with others I love fun times, cycling, music, dogs and cats, gardening, Tai Chi, time with friends and family, sun and sea, films, camping, listening to bird song, outdoor walks. I don't like long and cold winter seasons. So, tell me about you.  I am listening.

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