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Eve Macadie

I’m a counsellor-in-training. On qualifying I hope to specialise in working with adults living with trauma and/or high stress environments, using a combination of counselling, body movement, and arts-based therapies.

I grew up in the Middle East, Mediterranean and Continental Europe, and have personal experience and awareness of Difference, Diversity, and Intersectionality. As well as a wealth of lived experience, my working background has been in Community Arts, Social Services (supporting families, children & young people), Arts in Education (Adults) and co-ran a community focused café for 18 years.

I have 6 years personal experience caring for an adult loved one, diagnosed and living with a degenerative terminal illness.  I am aware and sensitive to the unique impact that Covid-19 restrictions had on carers during the first national lockdown, and any residual challenges you may face because of the Pandemic.

My aim is to offer you a space in your week, where the focus is entirely on you and your needs. Where you can give yourself permission to freely and safely, explore your own thoughts, emotions, challenges, and achievements without fear of judgement, criticism, or advice. At times during our sessions, you may find that words are too much or too scary to verbalise and you may want to express yourself on paper instead, you may cry, you may find words aren’t enough and you need to stand up and move around to release tension or pummel a cushion…all of this is ok.   My role is to support you while you explore whatever brings you to counselling, and to validate yourself both as an individual independent from the role of carer, whilst continuing to honour who you are, to the person or people you are caring for.

I am excited to be working with Totnes Carers Counselling and look forward to working with you at a pace that suits you, your needs, and commitments.

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