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David Humeniuk

When I was training as a counsellor my first practice placement was in a project providing counselling to carers.  A few years after qualifying I was privileged to become the manager of that service, which became Counselling for Carers (C4C).  I left that role in 2016 but continued as a supervisor for C4C until its closure in 2020.

I have had my own experience as a carer and my work with C4C led me to recognise that I had been a child carer. When C4C had to close I was keen, both personally and professionally, to ensure that low-cost counselling remained available to carers in the Totnes area at least.  With Clare Gale's support Totnes Carers' Counselling was established in November 2020.

I am now the service coordinator, so I am the first person you will speak to if you make contact with us.  I look forward to hearing from you and welcome any questions you might have about who we are and what we do.  

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