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The emotional demands upon carers - those who look after family members or friends - can be enormous.  It can be difficult for carers to prioritise the time and energy necessary to take care of their own needs.  Additionally, they frequently find their incomes reduced, as their earning potential is limited by the time and energy demanded by their caring role.


Totnes Carers' Counselling exists to offer a service that responds to the specific needs of carers.  We are a low-cost service, meaning that we charge the minimum necessary to cover our running costs.  Our counsellors meet with their clients both in person in Totnes and online - so your distance from Totnes need not be a barrier to you having counselling with us.


On this website you will find information to help you to decide if Totnes Carers' Counselling is the right service for you.  Please visit the contact page to get in touch if you have any questions that aren't answered here or to request counselling.

If you are seeking low-cost, in-person counselling in parts of Devon other than Totnes please take a look at our list of associate counsellors.

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